A person who makes fun of others based on their own insecurities about life.
Man that big ugly bully makes fun of all of the smaller ugly people.
by Daniel March 10, 2005
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To humiliate, persecute, underestimate, harass, lower, tease, desocialize, hurt, discriminate, jeer, ridicule, bother, disturb, molest, trouble, embarass, mishandle, insult, weaker, injure, harm, affront, torture, offend, prejudice, torment, intimidate...

Arrogant,dictators wannabe,that BULLY other people, to prove that they are the cool ones. What they dont know is that they are slavers of their own clothes, bodies and futilities. Bullying is for those who cannot be as autentic as you.
by Br-BrAiN January 30, 2006
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one that attacks or speaks ill of someone else.
A: k1234567890y is talented, look at the amount of works he has done.
B: but k1234567890y is also a kinda bully, he once went off on his co-worker and made ridiculous and false accusations of that co-worker such as that co-worker is "sinister and bitesome as a cobra"
by it is not your business July 26, 2019
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The dumbest shit that think that making people miserable is good when it only makes them look dumber.
The bully gets what he deserves if he gets suspended.
by TanooKirby May 17, 2003
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Someone who is completely insecure about their own physical appearance or mental abilities. A bully can be a friend of many years, someone you don't even know though they are often spurred by jealousy they will isolate, ignore, tease, make fun of and ultimately mentally or physically abuse you. Can often be so subtle that other people don't even notice so you once again come out in the bad light. Bullies usually are not to be worried about but can often put a huge amount of stress and anxiety on a person. More so hurtful if they are a close friend. Don't worry though, bullies often end up lonely and without friends, you are strong ignore them :)
number1: "look that girl is talkin about her best friend behind her back"
number2: "geees she's such a freakin bully!"
by cmd12 January 21, 2010
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a lesser being of evolution who has to physically or mentelly abuse a poor defenceless person to make him or herself fell good. They get off and hurting the younger or more fragile human beings. All bullies are are prejudice assholes who don't even know a person yet get off by pointing out physical faults. i made up a small poem about bulling

"Bulling isn't big and it isn't clever but no matter how much anybody tries it will be around forever" :-( i know i have been bullied for ten years physically and mentally and the old saying2sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me" is a load of SHIT!!!!! the scars may heel but the words stay in your heart and in your head forever!
Calling names, hitting or pointing out the obviuos but in a cruel way for instence "your fat"
by Robyn Hooper August 23, 2005
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