Most powerful being in the fictional multiverse.
Bully maguire felt nothing from Saitama's 1000 serious punches and then proceeds to erase him with just a finger.
by Saitama 777 August 27, 2021
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The strongest being in the whole universe. He goes through all parallel universes to bully the best of those worlds.
Thanos- I’m inevitable.
Bully Maguire- I miss the part where that’s my problem.
by Rafdor June 6, 2021
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The most powerful being to ever exist. He invades other universes just to bully everyone. He is immortal and can do anything he wants, including destroying the entire universe. But he wouldn't do that because then there would be no one to bully.
Person 1: Wow, did you see that guy kick everyone's ass while dancing?
Person 2: yeah, that's bully Maguire. He's the best in every way.
by Short dude June 17, 2021
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The peek of the male species, in mind and body. Also known as an absolute fucking unit.
Girl: "Hi!"
Bully Maguire: "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye"
Girl: "No! Stop! I'm wet all over!"
by YoMamaDefiner123 January 10, 2022
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A role model that all men should follow to get girls and become successful in life.
Tom Holland: I uped my grindset through following the actions and though process of bully maguire.
Ned: Really?! Can you please explain?
Tom: I missed the part where that's my problem
by You got my name wrong January 26, 2022
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The strongest most powerful being in existence.
If the one above all’s power level is ♾ then Bully Maguire’s power level is ♾ to the power of ♾.
This absolute beast makes even Goku look like a joke and piss his pants, more powerful than 100% Shrek and Shaggy combined and even full power ultra instinct shaggy cowers in fear when faced against him. He is thee almighty and thou most powerful being as he transcends all of fiction and bully’s everyone who existed in fiction. He is so powerful he could enter the real world like how he did in family feud where he clapped everyone’s asses.
Ultra Instinct Shaggy: *Uses 0.0000000000000001 percent of his power*

*KilLs ThE oNe ABoVe aLl wiTh OnE lOoK*
Bully Maguire: I’m gonna put dirt in your eye
*Kicks and punches UI shaggy in ♾ speed and pisses and shits on him while dancing*
Bully Maguire: Look at little Shag junior, GONNA CRY?
UI Shaggy: Uses *69420 percent of his power*
WhO sAiD 100 PeRceNt WAs mY LiMit!!?!!?!
Bully Maguire: I missed the part where that’s my problem
UI Shaggy: *neArly diEs fROm eMoTioNal DaMAGe*
UI Shaggy: I’m sorry for killing God( one above all)
Bully Maguire: *enraged at him* YOU WANT FORGIVENESS GET RELIGION

*proceeds to kill shaggy*
Bully Maguire: Dances and pees, poops on UI shaggy’s corpse

Also Bully Maguire: SeE yA ChUMp
*ReViVes gOD( one above all)
Moral of the story: Don’t mess with bully Maguire
And if you want forgiveness, get religion.
by - Bully Maguire Pizza Time December 21, 2021
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Leader of the bullymaguirism. A legend. THE most powerful god. Father of shrek.
Bully Maguire: I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye
*freezes the sun*

Bully Maguire: I missed the part where that's my problem
*burns earth to a crisp*
Bully Maguire: *does the bully maguire dance in Shreks dimension*
by WestriderNilo0879 January 20, 2022
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