To describe an object as being indestructible, to never stop working, or to outperform other similar products.
This truck is bulletproof, it never breaks down.

My knife just keeps on chopping through wood, it takes a beating and asks for more.
by bpkey December 4, 2015
To be able to withstand the negative emotional/mental aspects of the life; includes relationships, friends, family and all drama in general. Best known by La Roux's song of the same name.
"This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof."

"No you won't bitch, you're one hot mess."
by dan! December 6, 2012
Bulletproof is a means of keeping files from being deleted, like when you go to a website to download a link and find that the link is dead. When you have a "Bulletproof" file what you have is a file that cannot be deleted by anyone, or any government because it is now a torrent. Free to be posted in all countries with no fear of being deleted because they are hosted in countries like China, Serbia, Russia or other free countries without reservation for the whole world to see and obtain.
Let's take a single file posted in a forum, the owner of said file lodges a complaint against the file host like "RapidShare" then "RapidShare" kills the link. But being "Bulletproof" means that it can't be touched or forced by any law because the location is another country that will not and does not subscribe to our laws where the link would otherwise be illegal and or killed.
by Der Jager November 27, 2010
to be able to drink shot after shot of anything for a significant amount of time and not throw up
Did you see Tommy last night?

Hell yea tht dude was bulletproof, he drank everything
by simonkuntz9 August 12, 2010
50 Cents (Curtis Jackson) attempt to get into the PC Game market, the game is called "50 Cent: Bulletproof". A pathetic game where you play 50 Cent and the other G-unit members to kill "bad guys". Not exactly a bestseller... If you have played the game you know why
(50 Cent as The Game): " GGGGG-Unot, I got my own shoe (Game that shit ain't gon sale) "

just look at your game, bulletproof, please...
by OllieKickFlip June 26, 2006
Meaning drunk, from cockney rhyming slang. A reference to the movie 'Bulletproof Monk'.
Jordan broke so many brooms that night, I thought he was bulletproof.
by Robert L. Orvin June 23, 2006
when something has the propties of bulletproof but is more special!!!
oh my god this jacket has bulletproofness
by Anything!! March 24, 2007