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Noun - Another word for male genitalia, typically utilized in literary erotica.
Then came the moment when he pressed his bulk, warm and throbbing, against my upper thigh.
by Jx September 24, 2014
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What you obtain in the gym.
- "Ole boy's really gettin' that bulk."

- "I need to square away that bulk today."
by jbb21 August 30, 2011
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A large package. Doesn't mean great in bed.
Girl1:Dude, that guys has huge bulk
Girl2:Was he any good?
Girl1: Not really.
by Maddlyn March 23, 2006
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a rather large character who can snap at any moment if the right circumstance comes along.
by Petorius March 06, 2005
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Created by Harry and Tom in 2001.

Used to describe something that is great. sometimes said with german words too
'That is Bulk!'

'Das ist Bulk'
by Punk_rallye October 14, 2004
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A word used to describe the large amounts of something
Lets go to the club for bulk chicks and drinks
by wheresmolly September 02, 2017
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