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A nickname given to a person who should have kept his mouth shut and not discussed grammar at a racetrack.

It is very often said in random text messages, on Facebook wall posts, and most embarrassing of all, in front of others.

The word is often written in all capitals to create the impression of yelling, causing further embarrassment. Additionally, the word is repeated constantly to remind the individual that his masculinity is decreasing with each reiteration.

Once someone calls you "Bukie," the term will undoubtedly and unfortunately remain with you for many years to come.

Sometimes the word is shortened to "Buke"
Some examples include:

"When are you going to arrive on campus, Bukie?"


"Bukie, How's that bear costume coming along?

by Bukie September 03, 2009
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Those fine hotties you see on a Saturday night in their little tight ass skirts, tits poppin out, legs all tanned - if you catch a good night, their all fucked up by 1:30 and you can go nuts on 'em.
Jay - "Guy, check out that little 'bukie' with the big ass tits!!"
Hottie - "Shutup you pervert"
Joe F. - "You're so Ledia!!!!"
by Jay - He is the One May 30, 2005
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Opposite of ledia. The term referring to a "fine piece of ass in a club".
Fine girl walks by...

Joe: "You're good, you little bukie"
Hottie: "Get a life, pervert"
Joe: "Fuck you, you're so ledia"

(bouncer grabs Joe by his hair and throws him head first out the fire exit)
by Jay - He is the One June 04, 2005
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