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Similar to Sounding except a variety of sizes of "Bugle" brand corn chips are inserted into the urethra to increase its size. When you can insert a large Bugle without cracking it, you can attain the highest honor and receive the prestegious "Bugle Merit Badge"
Corporal Nieman demonstrated his fine Bugling for us in the twilight hours by serenading us with his rendition of "Taps" played using only his still-intact Bugle. This earned him the coveted "Bugle Merit Badge"
by UrbanDweller55 February 11, 2009
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A sex game wherein the bugler alerts his/her friends that they are mid-intercourse by placing their thumb to their lips with a clenched fist and loudly mimicking the sound of a bugle. The friends of the bugler respond to the call by galloping into the room on invisible horses, whilst shouting "charge!" in the style of a 19th century cavalry regiment.
Lad 1 - "That girl sure wasn't impressed with your bugling last night."

Bugler - "Yeh, she cried for ages after the initial shock"
by YEHM8 June 19, 2013
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