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A neologism (from Greek neo = "new" + logos = "word") is a word that, devised relatively recently in a specific time period, has not been accepted into a mainstream language. By definition, neologisms are "new", and as such are often directly attributable to a specific individual, publication, period, or event. The term "neologism" was coined in 1803.1
In psychiatry, the term neologism is used to describe the use of words that only have meaning to the person who uses them, independent of their common meaning. This is considered normal in children, but a symptom of thought disorder (indicative of a psychotic mental illness, such as schizophrenia) in adults.

"Yesterday's neologisms, like yesterday's jargon, are often today's essential vocabulary."
– Academic Instincts, 20014
by plantmilkweedseeds December 24, 2008
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gauche (comparative more gauche, superlative most gauche)


more gauche

most gauche

1. Awkward or lacking in social graces; bumbling.

* "Seeking by vulgar pomp and gauche display" — Samuel Griswold (1793-1860)

Cell phone interruption and etiquette is gauche.
by plantmilkweedseeds April 07, 2008
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Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): bi·fur·cat·ed; bi·fur·cat·ing
Etymology: Medieval Latin bifurcatus, past participle of bifurcare, from Latin bifurcus two-pronged, from bi- + furca fork
Date: 1615
transitive verb
: to cause to divide into two branches or parts
intransitive verb
: to divide into two branches or parts
— bi·fur·cate adjective

Definition: In a bifurcated divorce, the marriage is terminated, but other issues, such as the division of property, alimony, child support or custody arrangements, are left to be determined at a later date or at trial. Couples pursue a bifurcated divorce when one or both spouses want to terminate the marriage quickly, perhaps so they may remarry, and are willing to resolve other issues at a later date.
I was framed and a succession of jurisdictional forking commenced.
by plantmilkweedseeds December 24, 2008
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a cognate
Cognates in linguistics are words that have a common origin.
Part of the still existing Proto-languages much the same as the word GAP or IN. A Mathematical misnomer.
Ugga bugga is to gap as increment is to Dirac is to Delta ;
by plantmilkweedseeds April 06, 2008
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