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A fast, bulky mess with a Supercharged W16, nuff said. The Veyron is basically the goal for most black rappers mostly because it looks like their Ford Crown Vic on steroids. Theres a much faster set of cars out there, namely the Henessey Venom GT.
I come looking for you with Haitians
I stay smoking on good Jamaican
I fuck bitches from different races
You get money they started hating
I woke up in a new Bugatti

Fifty bucks says Ace Hood will probably get shot before he even gets 1 grand of what the Bugatti Veyron is worth.
by YALE70 April 21, 2013
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The bugatti veyron is the worlds fastest, most powerful, and most expensive production car. with a top speed of 253.2 mphs. It features a W16 engine (16 cylinders in 4 banks of 4 cylinders, or the equivalent of two narrow-angle V8 engines mated in a "W" configuration, each cylinder has 4 valves, for a total of 64) with over 1001hp. It is produced in stransbourg, france where other famous fast machines are made such as the metro in paris. The car is made my Volkswagen AG whos side company is bugatti. The bugatti also features 3 radiators, 2 air conditioning systems, and 1 heat exchanger for the air to liquid intercoolers. With a car that goes 0-62 mph in 2.5 you know its one of the fastest.

Base Price?
Hey dude i'm so cool and rich look at me with my new F1 Mclaren and my lamborghini gallardo.

'Naw dude thats just chump change you see real rich cats get the bugatti veyron but it was sold out 14 months of production on its release so only pros are getting it not any losers like you.
by Jakethesnake313 July 05, 2007
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This is the outcome of a meeting between a few high-ranking Germans that decided it would be in Volkswagen's best interests to create a car that doesn't generate any profit. At the cost of 5 million per unit, and sale price of 1.5 million, one would think that the over-analyzing Germans would have spotted the fault in their calculations. The car itself is really a shmorgasboard of parts from the Volkswagen and Audi production bins, and contrary to popular belief it actually generates 997 horsepower. This is fairly pathetic value considering that Volkswagen piled on 4 turbochargers onto 2 engines. This is a the second fastest car in the world, losing to the SSE Ultimate Arrow, with the latter achieving record numbers using only 1 engine.
World's Most Pathetic Attempt At Creating A Net Loss: The Bugatti Veyron 16/4
by Koenigsegg CCXR December 02, 2007
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Mid-engined grand touring car, designed and developed by the Volkswagen Group (German). Designer name 'Jozef Kaban.' Fastest car ever!
Bugatti Veyron.
by Germany Travel April 11, 2013
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a sick ass car that only two people in america have and one of them is in front of scott storche's house on palm island in miami off mcarthur causeway.anyways it cost about1.4 million has 1001hp 0-60 in the 2 second range and the fastest production car out now.
guy1: don't you wish you had a bugatti veyron
guy2: hell yeah man who wouldn't
guy1:let see if scott parked his veyron outside today
guy2:you bet that prick is always showing off his veyron in front of his house
guy1: lets go then we'll just tell the gate keeper we are going to look around and he'll let us in
guy2:why not we were going to the beach anyways
by mohamed isafag December 02, 2007
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the fastest,most expensive production car in the goes from 0-60mph in has over 950horsepower.and it has a 16-cylinder costs 1.2 milion bux
dude:yo check that sexy ass car
me:i know dude, thats a bugatti veyron
dude:it loox like batman and darth vader colaborated on a car design
me:ya i know
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An extremly fast super car that reaches up to 253.5 mph. That speed was verified on Top gear It has been said that even at top speed the Bugatti Veyron is comfertable and undramatic. Howevr it is expensive at nearly $1,0000
Every one glared as some turned up in a bugatti veyron and put their Lamboginis and ferraries to shame.
by Finnerty November 27, 2009
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