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A really good pal that's comfortable with whipping out his dick in front of you
by Sean the budday March 29, 2017
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A group of friends that don't fuck around. You tell eachother how it is. If someone's being sloppy you tell them. They greet with a secret budday dust handshake.
-"Hello budday"
-"Were in the buddays"
by Sean the budday January 17, 2018
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1.) Some random guy who won't wave to you on the street, or otherwise greet you.
2.) A man who does you wrong/screws you over
3.) An especially bad driver

While usable for all genders and ages, the preferred word when talking to a woman is "lady" (lay-day).
When a child is the target: "junior" (joon-ya) is appropriate.
Ayyy! Fuck you budday!!
by Ross H November 28, 2004
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An expression used to show how much you like something, to show an appreciation, to be very BUDDAY BUDDAY, and as always, emphasis is key. Said this way, "BUDDAY- have emphasis on the BUD yet less emphasis on the DAY, but never losing emphasis on the whole word. BUDDAY. Almost like saying it like, BAU-dae, (in lamen terms). Used to express emotions as in the examples below:
1. That is very BUDDAY BUDDAY
2. Hello good BUDDAY
3. What in the good BUDDAY?
4. That was very unBUDDAY
6. Captian BUDDAY
7. Time to BUDDAY it up a bit
8. There is only one word to describe that......BUDDAY
9. BUDDAY is used any time at all possible times
by Captain BUDDAY July 27, 2003
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Local way to say birthday. Spoken in villages and on the streets of India
Person 1: AY when is your budday
Person 2: 69th January
by сука lasagлa January 16, 2019
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A term of endearment: a derivation of the term "buddy' ..Usually used by Guyanese people to refer to a friend, pal or colleague. It is used in greetings usually.
"Wuh goin on Budday?"
by Ahaha J April 18, 2018
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