A game (shortened from budweiser) involving taking tokes from a joint whilst holding your breath and passing it round, saying "bud" then "weis" then "er" and upon saying "er" you can exhale. Causes major stoning from having maximum THC absorption in your lungs.
A) wanna play bud?
B) yeh
C) yeh
A) bud (tokes, passes to B)
B) bud (tokes, passes to C)
C) bud (tokes, passes to A)
A) weis (tokes again, passes to B)
B) weis (tokes again, passes to C)
C) weis (tokes again, passes to A)
A) er (exhales, passes to B)
B) er (exhales, passes to C)
C) er (exhales, resumes normal toking)
A) ... I'm really high
B and C) same as
A B and C) laughs at how high everyone is
by Green Wizard December 30, 2007
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The drummer for the sic band Sublime.
Bud Gaugh has got the beats and he's right on time, we got Eric Wilson layin' down the funky bass lines....
by Johnny B. May 04, 2004
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like the.....best plant eva....its all about getin stoned....im smokin a tonk zuut now....
im pickin up an ounce of bud 2nite....u wana go halves?
by ddd_Demon January 10, 2005
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1. bud, n. The part of the marijuana plant that you smoke which contains the most resin. It is like the fruit of the marijuana plant.Resin contains the thc that gets you high.
Yo nate! That was the best bud i ever smoked. Thanks for leavin out the stem and leaf!
by !natedogg! July 25, 2006
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