A hat that fits on the head as if it were an upside down bucket. Trendy amongst twenty-somethings who don't quite know where they fit in. May be emblazened with a beer logo.
Hey! Dump the fish heads out of the bucket and put it on your head. You are now wearing a bucket hat!
by liquidcrack January 22, 2003
A hat with a rim that extends 360 degrees around the outer perimeter. The easiest and most affordable way to attain the status of pimp. For the ultimate pimp personna, sunglasses should accompany the headgear.
Shawn: Look at that guy over there, he has a bucket hat!
Jamie: Yes! He's so pimp! Oh my god!
Shawn: Don't confuse him with a sheikh.
by Al-Babero August 9, 2005
The coolest type of hat around
Wow he’s so cool, did you see his bucket hat
by Tacotuesday3 August 17, 2019
a hat popular with preteen girls in the mid-90's as a result of the television show blossom. The hat was folded up, and often contained a huge sunflower or daisy.
-Mid 90's- Main Street Middle School

Kate: I have got to get one of those bucket hats
Jane: Yeah did you see Blossom last night? Six was wearing the coolest denim one with a pink flower.
Kate: Uhuh, that would look so cool with my gap overalls.
by 90srocked September 4, 2005
the sexist headwear out there. a girl or boy wearing one of these bad boys is instantly 100x more attractive.
Chad: yooooo did you see that chick over there

Kyle: yeah she’s sooooo hot
Chad: and she’s wearing a bucket hat!!
Kyle: oh damn wifey material
by phebreeze_ May 24, 2019
A hat worn by a person who consumes many types of drugs
Sidney looks like a meth head with that bucket hat
by Bucket hat June 14, 2020
The Gucci bucket hat is the peak of SWAG. Anyone who is or ever has been a baller owns a Gucci bucket hat. You're lame if you don't own one.
Fred: "yo Larry, you got that sick new Gucci bucket hat?"
Larry: "Fo Shizzle dawg. Im a baller now that my soundcloud blew up."
by M1126_Stryker September 29, 2020