Money, money, and more money! It's a slang term, however, for the word "buck" when people try to get cheap and fancy.
Stephen: How much does a hotel cost?
Resa: Like 100 buckaroos a day.
by Pocketful of Sunshine July 10, 2008
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a male bonding pastime, involing a sexual act, usually in a hotel room.
A bloke brings a bird back to a shag, before doing this he tips his mates off and gives them a key to the room where he plans to take her. All his mates hide in the room in various places such as wardrobes, behind curtains and in cupboards etc. everyone stays deadly silent when the couple enter the room, the couple begin sex (preferably doggy) then all the blokes jump out and shout buckaroo! the aim of the game is to see how long the bloke can stay on for before the girl freaks out. jumping out naked is not approved as it can be misconstrued as attempted gang rape!
i set a new buckaroo record of 10 seconds last night
by Dirty stiles September 17, 2003
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seeing how long it takes your partner to buck you off during doggy style sex
this can be achieved by whispering something in the girl's ear. a popular one would be "i've got aids", wait for the response but hold on tight and see how long it takes for you to buck, buck, buckaroo!
dude i was buckarooing my gf last night, so i whispered "ive got aids" to her but the was no response so i said it again and she replied with "thats ok, so do i!" fuck man what do i do!?
by Pirate Dude April 23, 2008
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While you're banging your partner from behind say something that you know will insult him/her e.g. "I did your sister the other night" - your partner won't be too happy at this point and will want to slap you in the face or something, but you have to try and hold on and continue banging your partner from behind for as long as possible
by AJ January 08, 2004
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(n). A small, usually square, patch of denim that Canadians use as currency. They think of them much as we do dollar bills, however, because of their bulk, they only carry around a few at a time and emblazen them with a brand denoting their worth at the time of purchase. There is no regulating body overseeing the practice of branding buckaroos, so the branded imprint can range anywhere from a semi-truck crossing a frozen lake to a moose laying in front of a fire drinking a Molson. Canadians have so far not been known to counterfeit their buckaroos, although most Americans reject the worthless denim in favor of American dollars or even Euros as buckaroos are not an internationally recognized currency.
Those Canadians rented our place through our stupid roommate and now we are left with 1200 worthless buckaroos instead of dollars.
by zacoyote August 07, 2009
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