6 definitions by Bahmo

1) Literally just pants adopted into the Japanese language; the final u is largely muted.
2) Female underwear. Likely to mean this if said in English with the final u more pronounced.
1) Mika was a bit of a tomboy so she often wore pantsu instead of a dress.
2) Aiko seemed feminine since she commonly wore lacy dresses, but once I harassed her after two much sake, her pantsu beneath such a dress were among the last things I saw before her high roundhouse kick knocked me and several of my teeth right out.
by Bahmo May 25, 2019
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1) A cowboy. The word is an anglicized version of the Spanish "vaquero", which means someone who does something with cattle.
2) A noticeably masculine man.
1) Gosh durn them buckaroos are always comin' inta mah saloon stinkin' o' manure!
2) Don't cheat at pool with Steve; that buckaroo will smash the cue over you!
by Bahmo May 25, 2019
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1) Any device used for scratching the area between the buttocks; usually not one's own hands.
2) A very ill-mannered, gross person (who probably scratches his or her butt with his or her bare hands).
3) The sort of fart that audibly rumbles, sounding like several sounds in rapid succession as opposed to just one.
1) I keep a fork handy by my toilet, though most people don't realize it's a buttscratcher.
2) I love you Sapphire, but do you have to be such a buttscratcher?
3) Chunky peanut butter always gives me buttscratchers!
by Bahmo May 28, 2019
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Sonic: Gotta juice!
Antoine: What?
Sonic: In other words, "Gotta go fast".
by Bahmo May 28, 2019
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Noun: Disparaging term for a brony, particularly the type who is either actually sexually aroused by equines, or at least jokes about it and smugly uses the term "plot" to mean ass due to seeing one joke image about being sexually aroused by equines. People who use this term may apply it to all bronies.
I don't feel good letting my daughter hang out with a bunch of horsefuckers. Then again, she's a human and not a horse, so maybe it's safe.
by Bahmo May 28, 2019
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