a very cool thing that is a bit weird and was popular and created in the Victorian times but went out of fashion in the 20th centaury but in the 21st centaury became very popular.
the word TAXIDERMY come from the Latin word taxis meaning movement and derma meaning skin so it means movement of skin.
this process to taxidermy an animal involves skinning a animal tanning its skin and placing it on a form typically made of foam.
ps it is a very cool hobby and job
person 1:dude I have a taxidermy deer
person 2: very nice ;)
by taxider-me January 1, 2015
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The art of stuffing and mounting the flabby, saggy breasts of females for display so that they appear lifelike.
Hey Debbie, didn't her boobs used to be flatter? I wonder if she had boob taxidermy.
by LeKeb May 27, 2009
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Fake/demo electronics that are commonly found at displays for cell phones or music players at stores such as Wall-Mart, or anywhere where the customer base is believed to be stupid. Often made of cheaper plastic, with a little picture of what the real thing does stuck on to the screen.
"Joe was hellza excited when he saw they had a HTC Incredible outside the Verison store, but it turned out to be tech taxidermy."
by firstkipchak April 18, 2010
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When performing the art of oral sex and the receiver remains hard for an undeterminable length of time after ejaculation.
"Baby, that was so good ... I got taxidermy head ... again"
by masonhalley September 18, 2011
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The stuffing of a plush animal with the insides of a deceased animal carcass.
I went to build-a-bear yesterday, but they didn’t offer Reverse Taxidermy which is a shame.
by ImNotACriminal March 12, 2022
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(N) a female who loves to get stuffed. Especially by ferrets.
Me and my 3 homies made that bitch air tight. Shawty was a taxidermy girl; she loved it.
by Tycho McElhenney April 16, 2016
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