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Buck up means to basically grin and bear it, kinda like sayin "get over it" only more nicely. It's especially used in the south and often in small towns.
Mark was complainin about the rain ruinin the huntin trip and his dad said "it'll be ok, just buck up"
by libbylee2487 April 23, 2005
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To rise to a challenge, to do something others are unable to
"You need to Buck Up and get back on that horse."
"Buck Up and go talk to her."
by DonJuanBurrito August 21, 2005
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It means 2 cheer up, get ur self 2gether, stay up.
They stole the ducter sir!!!
Buck up bart buck up.
Tha movie How high-
by LiL'Nappy Jones(LNJ) February 27, 2005
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being strong!
tell people the way it is!
ITENSE honesty!
I have best friend that i can buck-up to!
...we ALL need that,huh?
by LisAnne Becotte` June 09, 2005
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to play rock, paper, scissors when a tough decision has to be made.
who takes the last slice of pizza? alright buck up: one, two, three, shoot.
by grimkey June 21, 2006
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To challenge someone by getting in their face and disrespecting them with belligerent comments or trying to stare the them down.
I was laughing at this guy behind this one dude and the dude thought I was laughing at him so this nigga had the nerve to BUCK UP to me and I had to lay his ass down.
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
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