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internet god; arguably the biggest nigger alive
"when ya wanna wooo woooo its dat woo WOO ya know wat im sayin'?"
"Then you gots da flows. We talkin' flowmastas."
"Dats only in da mowning. She should be up cookin breakfast for somebody and somethin thats like alarm clock WOOO WOOO"
by n-sanity August 01, 2004
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Iconic figurehead and Oakland native, often referred to as the godfather of "whistle tips" (see definition). Bubb Rubb is an internet superstar, thanks to the investigative reporting of KRON's own Mark Jones.
Bubb and Rubb's whisle tips go "woo-woo!!"
by Dredogeast October 22, 2003
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The craziest mutha fuckin SOB out there the whistles go woooooo.
It's bubb rubb and lil sis!
by Accord May 01, 2003
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"A black man who says the whistles go wooo wooo!!! because he has a little welded piece of metal inside his muffler to make his car screechingly loud for nearly a mile. so he says the whitsles go WOOOO WOOOOO!"

Also we renamed our bubbler "bubb rubb"
"wooo wooo!"

"yo pop out the bubb rubb!"
by meech May 27, 2005
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need i say any more? o yea WOOO WOOOO
all your base belongs to WOO
by Clayron February 14, 2005
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Crazy black man who listens to whistle fans all day.
Bubb Rubb needs to take his ignorant ass to school so he'll stop giving black people a bad name
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
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