A true and loyal cuntmunch of a friend, a homie who would only let you down when it doesn't matter or when there is food involved. Tends to try to put " too many eggs into a single basket" and will slip from time to time, but is a loyal and fierce friend than cracker ass motha fucka couldn't do without.
Guy 1: Rubbs is a true homie.
Guy 2: Until he eats your whole fucking fridge!
by Ryuu Yamana September 10, 2018
A word used in place of crap, shit, or any other words which usually mean bad.

It supposedly originates from the fact that when a word is ~ish (The man was tall....ish. His skin was yellowish in colour, for example), its only partially the full meaning of the word its used with. Tall being taller than tallish, and yellow being more yellow than yellowish.

Therefore rubbish, without the ish, would be rubb. Rubbness of the highest magnitude if you will.
"That was well rubb"

"You are rubb mate"

by Tompaz September 7, 2007
Iconic figurehead and Oakland native, often referred to as the godfather of "whistle tips" (see definition). Bubb Rubb is an internet superstar, thanks to the investigative reporting of KRON's own Mark Jones.
Bubb and Rubb's whisle tips go "woo-woo!!"
by Dredogeast October 23, 2003
(short for double rubbers) When a girl is so skanky that you have to wear two condoms just to be sure you don't get an STD.
That bitch is a hood rat. I had to dubb rubb before I could even look at her.
by Whats Up Bitches March 12, 2008
The craziest mutha fuckin SOB out there the whistles go woooooo.
It's bubb rubb and lil sis!
by Accord May 1, 2003
"A black man who says the whistles go wooo wooo!!! because he has a little welded piece of metal inside his muffler to make his car screechingly loud for nearly a mile. so he says the whitsles go WOOOO WOOOOO!"

Also we renamed our bubbler "bubb rubb"
"wooo wooo!"

"yo pop out the bubb rubb!"
by meech May 27, 2005