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Similar to "what?" but used when even more confused.
Molecular Biologist to the communications major: "Aminoacyl-tRNA is initially brought into the ribosome as a complex with elongation factor Tu (EF-Tu) and guanosine 5'-tripsohphate (GTP)"

Communications major: "bua?"
by cyclohexanol June 11, 2005
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Available Domains :D

1. Confusing, Mysterious, and Hot. Intimidating but still relatable. Many people's idea of an ideal partner.
2. Object to turn fantasy into reality.
She is like, my Bua girl!

I wish I had my Bua, if I did I'd already be in that girl's pants.
by StellerBlue September 27, 2007
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1)The woman is a bua
2)DAMN!! That girl is SOOOO BUA!!!!!
by gu November 26, 2003
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Big Ugly Animal - an person who resembles an aniaml like a pig/goat/gorilla/cow or just all of them in one.
yo brah brah, look at jamie she's a BUA my dude.
by crazymikegosse June 25, 2011
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