One of the chillest guys you will ever meet. Everybody loves being around a Bryon. He is everyone's favorite and he knows it. He is very confident in everything he does, he's hilarious, and has the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. Spending time with a Bryon is priceless. The cherry on top is that he is a sex god and a romp between the sheets with a Bryon will leave you both sore and in a spell for days.
Kylie: see that guy over there with the shorts, green eyes, nice hair, and pretty smile?

Ashley: Ya. Must be a Bryon.
by Princessk November 13, 2013
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Smart, sweet, kind, caring, secretly ninja, handsome, eyes a forest green, musically inclined, cute, late start, improving. A Bryon's goals in life are very simple: enjoy life, get a fun job, and have someone to love. Was given a late start in life due to lack of family involvement, lack of contact with other people his age, and depression. However, Bryon is realizing his potential and will go on to become something that will give his mind the challenges that it is constantly craving. Incredibly intelligent. Quick learner. Perhaps Bryon will become a musician, a scientist or a teacher. Wonderful fencer. Even better kisser. The most sensitive straight guy you will ever meet. Will never try to hold you back. Will always treat you with respect. Eats like PacMan but never gains a pound. Extremely loyal to both his friends and his other. Crazy hair. Loves monkeys, 80's rock, and food. Lots of food...
Who's that guy with the hair?

Oh him? That's only Bryon, THE COOLEST DUDE EVER.

No way! We should be his friends!
by E.Mensch September 4, 2012
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If you have a Bryon in your life you will never be bored; he is always full of surprises.

A Bryon also has a unique sense of style. Wether he’s painted up in clown face or sporting a bowler hat, a fancy fur collar and a twisty mustache a Bryon is always the life of the party...and this guy can party! A Bryon also has the best sense of humor and can always make you laugh. You can talk to him about anything and he will never judge you. Although a Bryon is a beautiful rainbow, he has a way of making you feel like you are The Pot of Gold. He’s a loyal friend and would do anything for someone in need. If you have ever had a Bryon in your life consider yourself blessed.
No one can pull off a Bryon like Bryon. He’s one of a kind.
by itsmissmia June 2, 2019
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to have a big cock of at least 15 inches and is a badass mother fucker who fucks like a god
that guy is like a bryon
by dragonmaster784 April 11, 2009
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Sex God on legs and in the water with dolphins
See that Bryon he can please a dolphin and a girl
by wattarerubbish December 15, 2010
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Handsome god of sex. Tall, muscular, beautiful eyes. Toys you with the tip of his dick until slippery then knocks the insides of ladies out. Knows he is a god and shows ladies his power. Also good with fingers and tongue.
"I was worried because hos name was Chad, but he Bryon'ed the shit out of me last night".
by Vivi Lux November 7, 2021
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