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Right in Towson the basic prep lax principles apply but common at this school is the waffle. Everyone wears one and no one outside of the school knows to much about them except they get them on Kairos. During the school day frisbee or lying on the hill is the activity of choice. School games are heavily attended by heavily intoxicated kids. Weekends roll around and loyola students spread across the county. The majority of social functions in the surrounding area have several loyola kids in attendance with their natural light or cheap plastic handle. Uncommonly found at this school would be white trash or any diversity.
"Lets find out where they are drinking before the Loyola Blakefield lacrosse game"
"Definitely its 12:30 now they probably started pregaming about 2 hours ago because the game starts at 1"
by The 4th April 24, 2005
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Loyola Blakefield is home of the DONS and is located directly north of Baltimore City in Towson, MD. The Jesuit, Catholic preparatory school was established by the Jesuits in 1852 with Loyola College. The school moved from its original location on Calvert Street to its present site known as Blakefield. The land was a gift of the Blake family, hence the name. In 1981 a middle school was introduced. After President McAndrews left Blakefield in 1999, Father Jack Dennis oversaw a massive capital campaign that was able to raise the $19 million for a new student commons/athletic center called Knott Hall. The state-of-the-art facility has only added to the beauty of the campus through constant maintenance.

Loyola is a solid academic institution with well-rounded departments in academics, athletics, community service, arts/music, and religion. At Blakefield, graduates are taught to be "men for others" and the 154 year-old school has continuously stressed its importance to its students. The annual Turkey Bowl Game played each Thanksgiving at M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens) is one of the oldest Catholic football rivalries in the country and draws upwards of 13,000 certain years.

Loyola students are known within the city of Baltimore as typically well-mannered, polite, and generally pleasant. It's "sister schools" are Maryvale and Notre Dame Prep, and Loyola's biggest rival schools are Calvert Hall and Gilman based on size. Among the pride of Blakefield is its unparalleled swimming team, its strong sense of school spirit at sporting events, its highly regarded forensics team, and its nationally ranked lacrosse team.

Outside of Baltimore, Loyola is typically seen as another Jesuit school on par with St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia, Fairfield Prep in Connecticut, Gonzaga in Washington, and St. Ignatius in Chicago. Georgetown Prep in Bethesda and Regis High School in Manhattan are usually seen as a step above Loyola because of their exceptionally high admissions standards.

Loyola students typically go onto colleges such as Loyola College, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, Delaware, US Naval Academy, Gettysburg, Elon, and Boston College.
-Who do you think will win the MIAA Championship this year?
*St. Paul's (or Gilman or BL) are probably the best, but Loyola is always tough and should be there too.

-What school did you go to?
-Which one?
*Loyola Blakefield
-Oh, I went to the one in Chicago (or NY, LA, or NO)
by Droz March 20, 2006
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Loyola Blakefield is probably the most gangster school in the Towson area. We have all types of people there: the laxers, the ballers, the gangsters; anyone and everyone you could imagine goes to Loyola Blakefield. This school's education standards compared to that of a public school (I don't know... Dundalk High maybe?) are second to none! We have the finest of Math teachers from the "retired" Sean Courtemache to Ms. Rudersdorf and the greatest keeper of dress code at lunch, Mr. Richard. Loyola also has some sick sports teams; ranging from football in the fall to lax in the spring. Swimming is highly reguarded as well. Winning 15 MIAA championships in a row? Something outragious like that. Loyola's rival is Calvert Hall College and Loyola has beaten them in the past 5 or 6 Turkey Bowls. And thats pretty much because Loyola is full of beefy meatheads while CHC is full of.. well not beefy meatheads. Pretty lame school. But nevertheless, Loyola Blakefield shows them respect by beating.. I mean.. playing them every year in the Turkey Bowl and destroying them. Loyola is mainly known for having some of the sickest laxers in the state of Maryland and having one of the best teams around. No other school compares to Loyola when it comes to lax. They have the flow, the stick, and the ripping net abilities that no other school has or even comes close to. So, in closing, Loyola Blakefield is better than Calvert Hall and is a better school in general.
Loyola Blakefield kid 1: ay brah. wanna catch some sweet lax after school?
loyola kid 2: nah brah. frazzel is where its at.
by TheOneTrueDundalk March 31, 2009
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