The small inconviences of daily life that gradually beat a man down to the point he can't help to moan the word "brutality" in order to ease the pain of these constant annoyances
Omg the brutality never ends....BRUTALITY
by Cardoggy October 31, 2016
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A most excellent Flash movie which pays tribute to the animation and/or fighting style of Dragon Ball Z. It is NOT a ripoff, it is a tribute. Go check it out at, you won't regret it.
"Let's get this party started
I'm sick of begging you
You make me feel insane
Which I give to you
Let's get this party started
You make me feel insane
I want to be the one
To make myself sane"
-KoRn, Let's Get This Party Started
(the song that plays during the
by BLARG man October 13, 2004
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Beating, usualy beating for no reason.
SOmething Pittsburgh city cops practice a lot.
Me:Im pullin a suit on dat cop
other:for what
Me:Brutality dog
other:what happened
Me:Brought me in on a bench and the beat the shit outa me
(you see I recieved A busted lip, black eye, 4 stiches, 3 chipped teeth, and I GOT A CITATION FOT THAT!, AND I GOT A MEDICAL BILL! ICalled for the fair one afterwards but to no avail they could only jump me you see .
by Jweazy October 1, 2005
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It’s an adverb that can be used in a number of different ways:
1 It can mean particularly savage and violent;
2 It can mean in a direct and uncompromising way, where no attempt is made to disguise unpleasantness;
3 It can mean to an extremely unpleasant or harsh degree;
1 He was brutally attacked in the street;
2 It was a brutally candid review of her performance;
3 The thaw followed weeks of brutally cold weather;
by AKACroatalin December 7, 2016
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a humor blog that sounds like it is about S&M, but isn't.
Dude. Did you read the post on Brutalism about the Sloppy Carl? It is hilarious.
by Dilettante07 May 19, 2009
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A form of architecture popularized in the 1960s, most commonly found on university campuses, which makes heavy use of raw, exposed concrete. These buildings often got very ugly very fast due to water stains. The name comes from the French word "brut" meaning raw.
That building is a prime example of brutalism.
by Tyler Norman June 24, 2005
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