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a humor blog that sounds like it is about S&M, but isn't.
Dude. Did you read the post on Brutalism about the Sloppy Carl? It is hilarious.
by Dilettante07 May 19, 2009
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A form of architecture popularized in the 1960s, most commonly found on university campuses, which makes heavy use of raw, exposed concrete. These buildings often got very ugly very fast due to water stains. The name comes from the French word "brut" meaning raw.
That building is a prime example of brutalism.
by Tyler Norman June 24, 2005
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Sport using a soccer ball and goal in which there are no holds barred. It can be played with every man against himself or 2 teams, one defending with a goalie, the other attacking, or with 2 teams each with a goal.
Where'd you get that bruise, Chris?
Playing Brutalism.
by Miguel Matias April 17, 2005
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Classical ideology which proffers that letters of a language are artifices of carved stone.

Ie. Each letter represents the truth of will.
Brutalism fooled non-Jews into believing that will was the sum-of-its-parts simply because language is the sum of its parts.

This oversight was rectified by monotheism.
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by sandrashine October 26, 2019
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