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Untouched for at least 500 years, Brugge (that's how they spell it) is the closest you will ever get to time travel!

If you want to make a woman happy, take her to Brugge!

I went to Brugge on the recommendation of my friends mother so, I didn't think I would like it too much. I was wrong!

I went on a day trip from Paris thinking it would be something I could see in a few hours and not throw off my schedule. I was there for about 5 hours. That was enough to make me change the rest of my plans so I could go back and spend 2 days.

I am not saying you can't see everything you would want to in a few hours but it is the only place where you can feel what it was like 500 years ago.

No ones words will ever do it justice so I won't bother trying. All I will say is, it is the city you will never want to leave. Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, none of these can compare with Brugge. The people are friendly, the food is good and cheap, the hotels are inexpensive, and the history runs deeper than any other city. Brugges was not bombed in either of the world wars, it is what it was: beautiful!
Bruges the most beautfiul place in Europe!!!!!
by Tom September 28, 2004
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A particular state of mind when you're so annoyed with someone/something that you start to say f*#k in nearly every sentence. As in the movie of the same name.
Hey token red-shirted security officer, we need you to join Kirk, Spock and McCoy on a field mission *

* token red-shirted security officer is likely to be 'In Bruges' now
by typingduck August 26, 2008
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as a noun: idiot, asshole, boring person
as an adjective: boring, stupid
Adapted from the movie In Bruges, where Bruges is considered by Colin Farrell to be the most boring, stupid place on earth.
Shut up, Marie, you're such a bruges!
Ugh... this party is so bruges...
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being De Bruged is the act of, getting things stolen from you, getting mindfucked, or pranked
"Dude! You just got De Bruged!" or
"Your door got De Bruged"
by R De Bruges November 18, 2012
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