The only one that can kill Chuck Norris.
When Bruce Lee snapped Chuck Norris' neck in "Way of the Dragon", the space-time continuum ripped apart.
by TheOrtonRevolution September 28, 2010
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Term used when a female has hard nipples. Origin comes from "nip", which is a short derogatory term for people of Japanese ancestry or common derogatory term for anyone of Asian/Oriental descent (Bruce Lee was Asian, specifically Chinese and had rock hard muscles)
You can see that girls tits through her bra... she has Bruce Lees!
by Charles Hong August 06, 2006
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Instead of the white guy who has the hot Asian girlfriend it's the vice versa with an Asian guy who has a hot white girlfriend.
"Dude is that your girlfriend over there?"
"Nah dude not the Asian one, the white one over there."
"Dude...that's your girlfriend?!?!"
"Ya I know, I Bruce Lee'd that shit!"
by man.up November 27, 2011
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Invariably, the greatest, most kickass martial artist in the world, hands down. The only one better is Solid Snake, and he isn't real. One statement says it all: Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris in mortal combat, true story, no competition, 'nuff said.
Quote: "It's like a finger, pointing its way to the moon!"

"You're about to find out how Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris - because I'm about to replicate that scene on your ass!!"
by amp5208 February 03, 2010
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A synonym for excellence. From the martial arts legend of the same name.
Dude, did you see that epic catch? That was straight-up Bruce Lee!
by CaveTroll8 November 21, 2010
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