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One of the most useful words used for 'Crap'. Kids use it so the high-strung parents won't throw a fit.
"CRUD! My gerbil just ate my term paper!"
"What the crud is going on?"
"this is just crudtacular."
by Mike December 21, 2003
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A Euphemism for crap, which is a substitute for shit.
Oh shi...cra...crud! I left my homework at the library!
by Kathe May 23, 2005
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Crud is that stuff that you find caked on to the back of a household oven. It also is popular with little kids for a substitute fof "crap", so they don't get in trouble and have to go to the office.
by That Bum May 03, 2005
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a word used instead of "crap" most people say this if they do not curse so instead they use crud which sounds very similar yet some people who curse say crud anyway. crud can mean poop, sludge, slime, or pretty much anything goopy or sludgy.
aw crud
by phynomonouse January 28, 2009
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Database access terminology - create, read, update and delete
The data access layer framework that has been developed can be used for typical CRUD work.
by Will July 07, 2003
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