Sucking up to the techer SO much that their head is so far up the teacher's ass that they get brown on their nose from the poo.
"Ew what a browner always sucking up to the teacher"
by Thien October 2, 2005
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An overused label applied to an academically successful high school / university student. Has recently been broadened to include anyone who reads recreationally and has an average higher than 60%.
For example:

Jim: “Sally, you should die your hair blonde and stop acting intelligent. People might think you’re a browner.”

Sally: *Gasps in mock dismay*. I’ll get right on that, Jim.
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009
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term from about the early '80s (prob a derivative of "brainer") describing someone in school who is extremely smart and gets high grades.

a browner can be (but not necessarily) a geek or a nerd.
"Edwin? oh yeah, he's definitely a browner...I think his lowest mark was a B+ !"
by holly August 31, 2004
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Synonomous with $100 CDN; derived from the color of the funny money.
Jimmy: How much for the fridge?
Tom: 3 browners ($300CDN)
by stevie c88 June 10, 2008
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the nickname derived from the surname "Brown". Normally reserved for the coolest of the Browns. People named "Browner" have large brains, huge cocks, and are so devastatingly charming that girls' underwear disintegrates due to the sheer brilliance of a Browner.
"Oh my that Browner? I'm going commando now"
by stupoo December 7, 2005
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pronounced "bro-ners"

When you have a bro with whom you share everything, therefore his stuff is also yours.
"Who owns this place?"
"All of us, we´re browners"

to brown smth (pronounced "bro-own")
by whitecatDNB May 2, 2011
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A browner, or brown, is a derogative term used against ugly people. The opposite of this term is Baits.
Corrinne is a right browner!!!
by Stricture July 4, 2005
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