The middle of light skins and dark skins, they are not too cocky but still cocky enough, the perfect balance of a black guy (most superior), not too much and not too little
1.”you see that YouTuber over there, that’s smoothgio, he a mf brown-skin”
2.girl 1: I think brown-skins are the best, they got big dicks and everythang
by Big stick dagger orgasm Hager November 24, 2018
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When you're too dark to be light skinned and too light to be dark skinned.
A: I love being light skinned
B: You're not light skinned you dummy you're brown skinned.
by Yeahyaabby789 July 18, 2015
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Browns skin girl’s skin is just like pearls. It’s the best thing in the world. Brown skin girls are the definition of beauty.
Brown skin girl’s are absolute goddesses.
by Thatgirllyy July 28, 2019
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A name given to a friend for lying
Jeff : and I got head from her!! Me : Hold it there Buster Brown Skin.
by AsianPenisLength October 14, 2019
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BSS is what a SELECT FEW of dark skinned, African American women who have a lot of unnecessary bitterness towards the light skinned ones.

These dark skinned girls with Brown Skin Syndrome are usually bald headed and insecure, and hate on light skinned girls for no reason.

This is not to say that light skin girls don't do this to the dark skinned girls either; I've seen a lot of stuck up light skinned girls, but in both the dark/light, the hella stank ones are pretty rare.
I can't stand bitches with brown skin syndrome. That shit gets on my nerves.
by Mulatto chick July 14, 2009
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A nigga who is good looking and who only lives in ATLANTA and He Either mob or crip and his name either start with H through W
Cheerleaders:Hey do you see that light brown skin nigga he so sexyyy

Coaches: light brown skin Nigga get away from my cheerleaders

Ligh brown skin nigga : 🖕🏾
by Light Brown Skin Nigga March 09, 2021
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