When the urgency to defecate is so intense you're only mere moments from soiling yourself.
"I had to clench my ass cheeks together and hop to the bathroom because I was having a serious brown alert."
by Suck It Wilde September 2, 2009
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A warning issued to friends or co-workers that a public facility has been polluted by human waste or flatulence, either yours or another person's.
Bart issued a Brown Alert in the first floor men's room this afternoon because he had Mexican Food for lunch.
by Philo Beddoe November 14, 2008
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A natural succession of blue alert and red alert. Brown alert is so serious, that it is on the verge of involuntary defecating into your pants.
(Red Dwarf: Back in the red Part 1) Cat: "Red alert? Let's go all the way to brown alert." Kryten: "There is no such thing as brown alert, sir!" Cat: "You won't be saying that in a minute!"
by Korbealad August 28, 2018
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when someone has to take a major shit
oh god, look out brown alert comin through.
by danny and mason February 17, 2004
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