All we know is football, rap ,and scam. Damn you a real nigga you must be from broward
by Trillxbroward April 30, 2021
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Broward is a county full of cities, Broward is mainly represented by the cities known as Coconut Creek, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pompano, Deerfield, Sunrise, and North Lauderdale
I’m From Broward
by Jay1K October 19, 2020
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A police officer who is a coward and would rather cower than even attempt to protect innocents.
Did you hear about the school shooting this week? The cops who responded actually went inside instead of being browards.
by Stuh42l May 21, 2018
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A reward given to one's bro, often for specific acts including but not limited to: Jokes made in poor taste about one's mother, a new bench press max, getting laid by that skankapotamus down the hall, not having herpes, and extraordinary feats of slut shaming. Browards are commonly seen in the form of fist bumps, poorly executed high fives and sometimes the not-so-subtle ass slap.
Jace: Bro! Did you see I went home with that skank wagon last night? I gave her an Alabama Thunder Slam!

Ashton: Dude! Hit me up top broseph you deserve a Broward!
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Broward County is a county which is located in South Florida and shares borders with Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County. These three counties are basically the biggest/most popular counties of Florida and all share similar if not the same music, art, fashion, and street life. Not to forget a lot of the best rappers have come out of these counties, some would be xxxtentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God, Boobie Lootaveli, Pouya Fat Nick and more. Has all types of different people ranging from E-Girls and E-Boys to gangstas who usually are either Latinos or African-Americans to also the traditional corner store flakka using homeless man who will put on a show better than Micheal Jackson could ever. Come down to Broward County and you will experience some of the best nocturnal life you could experience in Florida.
"Ay bruh where u from?"
"I be stayin in Broward County woadie"
"Shii homie I be in Dade lemme kno what the move is g"
by FloridaShi October 14, 2019
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Broward County is a county region in south Florida that is right above Miami-Dade County. Those two counties are considered as "sister counties" since they share the same cultural trends, art, musical styles, connections, language vernacular & News/Current events.

Broward County is a calmer, more mellow version of Miami, which has lower crime activity and tourist visitors.

Broward is the Birthplace of Stickin'/Jookin' dance and music, the immense population of proud Haitian niggas that will put a bullet in your head in a quick second, and southern slang that sound exactly like the rapper plies.
A: Nigga where you from?
B: I'm from Broward county bih'

A: what part? Pompano? Deerfield? Lauderdale? Sunrise? Deepside? Or Lauderhill?

B: I'm from Lauderdale!

A: Dat part!
by ANTOANTS October 20, 2015
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