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This is a rare act that consists of 2 bros and 1 chick (preferably a dime piece). One of the bros is nailing the dime doggy style while the other is receiving head from said dime. Depending on the skill level of the bros and the size of the dime the bros then rotate the dime around like a chicken rotisserie. To complete the brotisserie the bros must chug a natty whilst high-fiving over the dime.
Hey bro remember when we talked that dime into a brotisserie? That was chill.
by <SWAG> February 28, 2011
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a devils threesome in which the girl covers herself with barbeque sauce and one guy hits the girl from behind and the other does her in the mouth as they suspend her, slowly turning her in the fashion a pig does on a rotisserie.
Connor, you missed it man. Me and Takeo totally gave that chick a horrible Bro tisserie! We slow roasted her all night long
by Takebro and Yooks January 31, 2011
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By Adam Carolla from his podcast:
When you and your "bro" have a threesome and make a "rotisserie" of the girl.
John got her from behind and I stuck it in her mouth when we made brotisserie out of Kimmy.
by Adam Carolla (via Floyd) May 16, 2014
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1. When two males position themselves on either side of a thawed, preheated, preferably seasoned Thanksgiving turkey and insert their genetalia into each end, slowly rotating said turkey over a hot flame. This, THIS is brotisserie turkey.

2. Brotisserie can also be used when the act is performed with a chicken, but preferably a turkey, on Thanksgiving Day, for most accurate connotation.
Yo dude, happy holidays, what do you say to a little brotisserie?
by kingwoody1 November 16, 2010
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The act of two male friends, going to a tanning salon together
Ryan & Chris both had big dates coming up, so they went for a little little brotisserie the day before
by ADOSU August 24, 2009
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A day which is so hot that any male outside (or "bro") will roast.
Dawg, it's 95 degrees out. It's a straight brotisserie.
by Lily Upton August 19, 2009
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