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The sticky white hot cocunut man pee that you shake from your bro's veiny tree of love and ingest as a hearty supplement to your daily calorie allowance.
I love the taste of Gary's Brotein, it gets me real pumped and is an essential ingredient in a Bromance.
by Pikey1079 January 08, 2015
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A protein supplement taken by Football plays to dramatically increase chest size, add sex appeal, and look like total dicks to the Cross Country team.
(Football voice) "Dude pass some brotein, i haven't hade my 150 grams yet, im slacking."
"Have you atleast had some creatine?!"
"Holy shit, here have my muscle milk."
by Lakessss August 20, 2009
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protein from bros, usually the result of man-on-man relations. Semen that comes from Bromance.
Yo, you left some brotein in the soapdish, you're a foul pig
by gavin_pm February 09, 2006
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Sources of protein that are integral for bros a.k.a juice heads a.k.a men with Ph.Ds in "bro-science". Ex. whey protein, grilled chicken, fish etc.
Paxton: Yo Shaq my roommate Alban just copped a large tub of Gold Standard Whey protein cookies and creme flavor!
Shaq: Damn son, thats some grade A Brotein.
by shaqdiesel006 November 08, 2012
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The meal eaten directly following any bro workout. A supplement that turns ordinary dudes into bros

A bro stimulate that steps up their game in times of need
Dude #1: "Yo bro, check out dis chick she's a 10."

Dude #2: "Yeah bro man, you better take some bro-tein before you go up to her"

Dude #1: "Yes, good thinkin bro"
by Bro Nation Man February 28, 2008
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the protein one gets from swallowing after fellatio. or simply, the protein contained in semen that can be ingested when giving a blow job.
"hey hon, your hair isn't looking so shiny, lemme give you some brotein!" (high fives any surrounding buddies)
by cayb March 14, 2010
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A word used to describe a scenario where one bro helps another bro mix a protein shake in which the other bro otherwise could not mix himself
Two bro's are racing down the highway at 120 km/h... windows down. The bro driving asks the other bro to mix him some pro and the bro sitting shotgun generously obliges, concerned that his bro may be becoming catabolic. The two bro's share a brotein moment in which they each dummy at least a 30g serving of protein
by Hickerr September 03, 2011
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