The sticky white hot cocunut man pee that you shake from your bro's veiny tree of love and ingest as a hearty supplement to your daily calorie allowance.
I love the taste of Gary's Brotein, it gets me real pumped and is an essential ingredient in a Bromance.
by Pikey1079 January 8, 2015
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A consumable protein shake your bros make you that cums from their balls
Andy: "Joseph just gave me a huge brotein shake in the shower, it was dripping off my chin."
Sean: "Damn, that mean you're ready for our workout, bro?"
by younghawks81 April 6, 2019
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A protein supplement taken by Football plays to dramatically increase chest size, add sex appeal, and look like total dicks to the Cross Country team.
(Football voice) "Dude pass some brotein, i haven't hade my 150 grams yet, im slacking."
"Have you atleast had some creatine?!"
"Holy shit, here have my muscle milk."
by Lakessss August 20, 2009
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Sources of protein that are integral for bros a.k.a juice heads a.k.a men with Ph.Ds in "bro-science". Ex. whey protein, grilled chicken, fish etc.
Paxton: Yo Shaq my roommate Alban just copped a large tub of Gold Standard Whey protein cookies and creme flavor!
Shaq: Damn son, thats some grade A Brotein.
by shaqdiesel006 November 9, 2012
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A word used to describe a scenario where one bro helps another bro mix a protein shake in which the other bro otherwise could not mix himself
Two bro's are racing down the highway at 120 km/h... windows down. The bro driving asks the other bro to mix him some pro and the bro sitting shotgun generously obliges, concerned that his bro may be becoming catabolic. The two bro's share a brotein moment in which they each dummy at least a 30g serving of protein
by Hickerr September 3, 2011
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Any protein consumed by the dudes at the gym for the sole purpose of bulking.
Yeah, put some peanut butter and whey in that smoothie - need more brotein!
by Filosopher November 17, 2017
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A type of enhancing supplement taken by guidos.

Serving Suggestion: take 5 times a day with heineken of jagerbombs.
Hey guido, check out my new fucking haircut, and look at my guns, its that damn brotein.
by travlax April 22, 2009
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