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To change positions with a bro.
"I'm sick of receiving... let's brotate and you take it for a bit."
by Sir Tyler Hughes February 12, 2009
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Brotate - verb
When a bro rotates himself to ensure even bronzing of his body. You can brotate anywhere, any time as long as there's rays out. You can brotate by yourself or with your bros. Be sunsmart and brotate, bros don't let bros burn.
"Hey bro, these UV rays are well strong. You should brotate soon."

"John is looking real tan in the back but pasty as heck in the front, he needs to learn how to brotate properly or he'll never become a bronze Adonis."
by Brotator November 27, 2011
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v. like when theres a whore and two dudes want to get with her. Therefore, they decide to share, and one has her one night, the other has her the next. The whore rotates dudes each night for eternity.
Bro 1: Broskie i want to hook up with that chick.

Bro 2: No bro, I want to.

Bro 1: Ok dude, lets brotate. I'll take her tonight, you can have her tomorrow.

Bro 2: Chill bro. Thats rad.
by FoundersPounders September 08, 2011
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1. To have 2 or more bros opposite each other and 1 girl in the middle, spin her like a dial with each bro penetrating her.

2.A different guy gets the girl a different night; to have a timeshare of a girl.
1.Frank and Steve brotated that bitch for at least and hour. It was so chill.

2. John is brotating her with us too? Shes going to get stretched out!
by Brothayouwishyouhad June 17, 2011
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When a group of bros take turns on various activities.
Hey guys should we study or hit the blunt tonight?

Dude, let’s just brotate.
by Dutrom_bæ May 28, 2018
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