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Not just your boss, but your bro. Bross. Popularized in the short "Corporate Takebrover" by 5SecondFilms.
"I'm not just your boss, I'm your bro. I'm your bross."

*employee misses high-five*

"Awww, bro-man, you're fired.
by FezzIsStraightEdge August 06, 2011
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A state of being superior to anything else; a movement; Genetic disposition that gives one the confidence and abililty to complete any task. Bross can not be created, it can only be itself. Someone who is bross can never be not-bross, only bross
Chuck Norris is Bross.

Woahh that's so Bross dude!

Its okay, Im still Bross...

That dude is Bross Majesty!!
by MacRY October 21, 2011
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(adj.) - A combination of the words "bro" and "gross".
Bro 1: Dude, look at Zeke standing in the corner over there chattin' up that tri-delt.

Bro 2: Yeah, I wonder if she can smell the vomit caked on his la coste polo?

Tri-Delt: You want to what? Eww, you are SO bross! (walks away)
by ap3ks September 24, 2009
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When referring to your "brothers in arms", those are your Bros. When you are talking to many like minded people who are not as close, but "with you", those are your Bross.
It's like Bro squared.
supermanwastaken:i think you just made an awesome new word
PetesChamps:bro , bros and bross its only more and more bross
by Bloodthorn October 02, 2011
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Bross is a term used when you're talking to someone you consider extreamly close. A mixture of Bro and Boss. Can be used on male and female friends. Using Bross to someone you don't like is considered offensive, a bit hypocritcal.
Jake - Yes Bross
Liam - Easy Bross
Rick - Bross!
by DJ_Omerta August 25, 2009
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