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An amazing person in general, as well as very kind and understanding. Attracts lots of girls and usually has long eyelashes.
I wish I was Siddharth.
by bossguy1234 January 17, 2017
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Siddharth is the sort of cool guy who you expect girls to be hanging around every second he's got. However, he values his bros more than any chic and is the perfect combination of smart, sexy, hot, cute and encouraging. Go, Siddharth!
Wow, I wanna be like Siddharth. It's unfair how he's so good at everything.
by HotPredator7 October 05, 2018
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siddharth is a synonym for perfectionist, kind, caring, sophisticated and a mannered guy but the one who at the same time can be called as ruthless, cruel and a sadist.
mom i want to marry a siddharth
by sidist September 21, 2007
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the act of doing things at high speed. fast. the concept of motion and fluidity.
the dart Siddharth ed across the room.
by kapeeshsaraf February 02, 2009
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The one pudgy kid in ur Algebra class who has the BIG BOD. He also has the big gay. He may be good at math, but he isn’t good at being healthy and y’all.
Siddharth- I got a 99 on my final exam
Me- Who cares

Aayush, Foster, and I- UR BODDD
by Lil’ Pump June 04, 2018
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Sidharth is a synonym for one who mopes, cries and grumbles all the time. AND can be ruthless,cruel and a sadist.
Example 1 : Baccha, Stay away from a Sidharth. He might push you into depression and eventually suicide.
Example 2:person1: Once I saw a grumpus staring at me, oh it was a fearful sight to see.
person 2: Rubbish, that was'nt a grumpus it was a siddharth.
by vagueweirdme August 04, 2010
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someone who becomes the butt of every joke and exaggerates/lies for no apparent reason whatsoever
oftentimes, a Siddharth will have a Quora

born American, raised Canadian :(

Alternate nicknames: Siddhartholomue, Siddopotomus, Siddabadabingbong, Siddhengis khan
"Dude, you're such a Siddharth"
"Did you hear what Siddharth said today? He was talking about the lost art of baking."
by quoralover123 January 26, 2018
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