Best JoBro, Literally the Equivalent of Speedwagon. Maybe even better.
“Hey Brosuke how you doing today?” “I’m doing great broseph thanks for asking” “no problem bro if you need anything I’m here”
by Kira’s Hand Fetish February 21, 2021
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your brother named joseph.
aka , the greatest brother on the planet <3
i have a brother who is my best friend
his name is joseph
i call him broseph.
by lacyyyy June 10, 2008
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A convenient term to call a friend named joseph or any other with the '-seph' in the back end of one's name.
Pass me that beer broseph!
by Just in. March 5, 2009
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Not the coolest motherfucker you know, most likely a term used by a loser to describe themselves. Most likely to be used by insecure fuckers from someplace like Nebraska that they rape animals or something.
"Hey, what does that fag's license plate say?"
"Dude, it says 'Broseph', what a homo..."
by Broadwater Donkey puncher March 18, 2009
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A derogatory term used for an extremely uncool person of the male sex. Often used in the scientific labeling of fraternity brothers, pot-heads, or concert goers of a whack musical genre
"That tool over there is being a fucking broseph."
by Da Police! April 21, 2005
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Seperate spelling of the word Brosif.

A term used to refer to a friend or another person in general.

Synonym of Bro/Dude
"Yo whats all up happenin' with you bro?!"

"Not much broseph how 'bout you?!"
by OwMyBodyHurt August 2, 2019
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"Dood, that Broseph over there is harshing my kind. Very un-heady. After the second set, I came back to the tent to find my woman chugging his huge black dong."
by CFT August 21, 2007
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