A friend who wants you all for themselves. One who gets all weird if you bring anyone else to the pub. A friend who will lock you in a basement for 10 years (and possibly try to bang you)
Took my new girlfriend to the pub last night, Steve got all broseph fritzel and talked about predator all night to lock her out.
by Jonny Forster March 25, 2021
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Literally just another word for bro what did you expect
1. Hey Broseph!
2.You stole my dog
1. didnt ask broseph
2. i will gouge out your eyes if you all me that one more time
by MrLittle340 March 18, 2022
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a combination of bro and joseph that is meant to be a more official variation of bro for those more formal circumstance
hey, broseph, I'm really sorry for your loss. she was a good egg.
by shaggymorphism October 27, 2021
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A Word In Replace Of Bro Usually Given To A Close Male Friend
"Sup Broseph" Said Reese "Sup Dudley" Said Michael
by Tokyo_Assassin November 13, 2016
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Group of 5 guys whole follow the band Angels & Airwaves and think they are better then everyone else.
The Brosephs:HEY

Yoshi554:HEY NO
by RobbinWhite August 14, 2011
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