Well what isnt a bro?

Bro over the years has transformed itself into a negative term. The title bro that was put on cool skater dudes has been usurped by the visor wearing longboarders.
A male in his teen's who longboard's and likes to chill with other "bro's"

Hey dude wanna come chillax with the bro's?

AWWWW broseph!! come on! Ciaran broski!!

Andy, man i hate that bro!

by Hombre de Torro March 5, 2009
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Talking to the brosephs while on the laptop, usually in a Starbuck's Coffee. More often than not, this is done by means of LinkedIN or Facebook. Reserved for those who take broseph chatting to a new level, even to the extent of Saturday/Friday night chatting with the brahs.
"Did you hit up the Buck's this morning for the A.M. brosephing session?"
by Malibu Worker July 11, 2008
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term used to described a good friend/s, combination of the word bro or brother, and the name joseph... although the term has nothing to do with anyone named joseph. can be considered an evolved form of the standard "bro"
Sup man? not a lot just chillin broseph.
by $W.M.$ July 20, 2010
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Noun. Term of endearment. Also a way of life for some people in the Midwest. (synonyms: bro, chief, boss, dude)
by Chris VanKula September 1, 2005
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Used primarily as a substitute for, "Damn you're pretty fucking cool and sometimes I wish we could have sex even though we're two really, really, extremely hetero males."
Sup, broseph?! You wanna have some sex, man? I can bring the heat, nah mean?
by Alphonzo Johnson October 6, 2004
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A derogatory term for a bad person who thrashes Jack Blacks chopper by throwing a very filling burrito.
Jack Black: What The hell BRO!
Ron Burgundy: Ohh that was a nasty spill you had there.
Jack Black: You just thrashed my chopper BROSEPH! The only thing I ever loved. Im gonna stomp your goofy ass!
by Ben P January 24, 2005
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