A mythical weapon used by Asian moms when their son got a B+ in a recent math test
My mom smacked me with the broomstick when I was caught using a calculator.
by dudepro120 June 19, 2019
A Broomstick is an Oppressor Mk2 and is the primary weapon of a Broomstick Boy.

It also goes by many other names such as Depressor, Depressor MkNoob, Depressor MkPoo, and Annoying Mosquito.
The Broomstick is annoying and anyone who uses it is a prick.

Anyone who uses a Broomstick deserves eternal punishment.
by Zimos_24 December 29, 2022
A magical flying broom that Harry Potter uses to play Quidditch.
Harry got a Nimbus 2000 broomstick because he was the youngest seeker at Hogwarts in a century.
by Quirrell November 30, 2010
Replacement for the idiotic word fag.
Shit Head who thinks he's cool: Dude, You're Such a Fag!
Maddie: Broomstick, You FuckTard.
by Meggo =]] September 7, 2006
A Phrase used to point out people have just stated the obvious.

Comes from the film "Harry Potter And The Philosophers/Sorcerers Stone" when an Owl Delivers a Broom-shaped package and when opened Ron Exclaims "Its a Broomstick!"
Guy 1: Ahhh well it's dark.
Guy 2: It's a Broomstick!
by swisstoblerone March 20, 2010
v. Lie your female partner on her back, grab your nutsack and put it in her vagina while grabbing your penis with both hands, one over the other (in the fashion of flying on a broomstick)
My girl was on her back, so i gave her the old broomstick.
I gave her the broomstick and now my nuts smell.
by philip martell May 22, 2007