To clean a floor with a broom by removing dirt, dust, food particles, etc. Also known as sweeping.
"Where's the broom? I've got to broom the floor."

"You mean sweep the floor?"

"No! You mop with a mop, you broom with a broom! I've got to do some brooming!"
by Strawberry ShortCult August 24, 2008
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The act of shoving a broom(or any long object) up somebodies anus. Typically done to cause pain. Causes blood from the large intestine to appear on the broom when taken out
Yo, I Was brooming that guy so bad I could get the broom out of his butt.
by StrikerRamses March 21, 2019
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Tariq: Fancy brooming me?

Lauren: Whats that?

Tariq: A double hand-job


Tariq: :/
by JeetRhymesWithFeet November 29, 2011
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The art of giving your partner (The Broom)
Yesterday, my girl was pissing me off, so today I feel there will be a good "Brooming"
by TheCraw June 17, 2008
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When somebody sticks a broom handle up the asshole.
Did you hear about Jimmy? I guess he is into brooming.
by TheWetWorm July 17, 2019
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A sport in which the objective is to stand a broom upright so that it may stand by itself (freestanding vertically), take a picture of it, and upload it to Facebook or equivilant. The goal is to place the broom in the most random, interesting, or entertaining place possible, similar to planking.
An ideal brooming expedition could be placing your broom freestanding vertically on top of a mountain, inside an aquarium, next to a Sasquatch, etc.
by I Forgot My Name March 9, 2012
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