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Brookelyn is the one person in your life that you could never live without. She's like a drug. Every hour, every moment, you want to be with her, and aren't happy until you do so. She is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, and when she smiles, all of your fears disappear. You could lose yourself for a lifetime in the brilliant blue of her eyes. Brookelyn is the friend that everyone wishes they had. If you are ever lucky enough to find an Brookelyn of your own, hold on to her, because the pain of losing her is something that can never be described. She is love herself and I love her for it; if only she knew. Brookelyn will go out of her way just to help anyone. She puts everyone before her.
Person 1: Omg that's definitely a Brookelyn...
Person 2: Yes she is.
by Princess_2018 January 10, 2018
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Brookelyn is a person who is crazy, awesome, beautiful, good swag and all around amazing. They also have a good personality and have amazing chemistry.
"wow look over there, she is such a Brookelyn"
"wow she really is!"
by johni swagger January 12, 2012
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A girl who will help you out in any way at any time. She is amazingly compassionate and will deal with any hardships you put her through without telling. tough, sensetive and perfect. She isn't shy about anything other than... nevermind, she's not shy at all. When i say she's perfect... i mean it.
Brooke-lyn is the best girlfriend that a guy could ask for.
by Kevin Stockwell April 12, 2011
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She’s a skinny ass bitch who will stab you in the back whenever she wants to. The best advice: DONT EVER BE FRIENDS WITH A DUMB ASS BROOKELYN!!! She’s the bully of the class and she has her own little clique that she wants everyone to be in. Stay away from Brooklyns!
Boy: Man, Brookelyn is such a bitch.

Girl: Yeah, stay away from that slut.
by HamburgersAndFries October 18, 2017
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