Used to define any self-absorbed idiot who is willing to do anything to see their name in urban dictionary.
brohan the bromosexual is an attention hog as his mommy neglected him when he was a kid.
by a goodtbuser May 09, 2005
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A person with a sexual preference of that same sex who is still able or "stable" (for short) to kick it with "the bro's", or able to "bro out"
Yo that bromosexual made us build a fuckin pyramid.

Yo the bromosexual is making daviess give him a foot massage.
by Bro from D-block January 06, 2008
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The act of being of a male being homosexual for a male sibling; including weekly anal sex between the brothers
Steven practices extreme bromosexuality with his brother Bryan.
by Zubulu March 15, 2010
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To be a gay bro.
Hey that fag in his raised truck is so bromosexual!
by Bear Norris March 25, 2009
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Usually, it referrs to two gay guys in the closet, but it's beginning to become a legitimate psychological term that holds a new meaning. Because the stigma of being gay is slowly evaporating, more and more straight men understand that you can be good friends with a gay man and leave it at that. Mostly, but not entirely exclusive, men who have platonic female friends are more likely to have platonic gay men as friends. The gay man vary well may be attracted to that straight man in the friendship, but attraction is not equal to love. A straight man can love a gay man without there being any sexuality involved. It may be rare, but it exists, and it's becoming more common. The only thing that holds this back from becoming more common is the fear of being viewed as gay even though you know you're not.
Therefore: only men who are truly comfortable with their sexuality can be legitimate bromosexuals.
Friend #1: I've never seen a straight man and a gay man as friends. They must be gay.

Friend #2: Nah, they just don't care about labels, and they're just bromosexuals.
by WestCoastToast May 27, 2020
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A person who is so comfortable with their own sexuality that they will make sexual jest towards members of the same sex. Occasionally resulting in being misconstrued as homosexual flirting.
John: "That test was so hard!"
Peter: "I'll give you something hard."
John: "Ha fuck you."
Peter: "Yes, please."
Carol: "Why are you guys acting so gay?"
John: "Nahh we are just being bromosexual"
by Mister Feeny June 10, 2015
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