Dude I can't wait till the quarantine lifts and I can see you guys again. Bromo.
by ThatOneQuietDude April 1, 2020
A Black Ops 1 Zombies player who mods a 200 on Ascension and smokes copious amounts of weed. He also owns a black ass dog. Basically a slave owner.
Bop: Bromo has been acting real black lately

Lily: Yeah he's mad because he can't get a 100 on asc without modding and zero gameplay
by ravexotc April 13, 2022
Someone's brother who is also a homosexual, a Bro and a Homo...Bromo
I'm going home for Christmas to visit my Bromo.
by Colonel Cus April 29, 2011
The abbreviated version of brother from another mother. An affectionate term that a man may use for another man he is close friends with in a brotherly way, not sexual.
by Anh Fire January 12, 2008
A slang term for 2CB. People in Norcal use this term more often. Contains the chemical mescaline which is found in mushrooms or peyote. Known for a psychedelic experience. Either consumed or snorted. Worst drips of your life but craziest trip you'll ever get if snorted. More research is needed for this chemical.
"Dude, so i took Bromo at 7pm and it still looked liked daytime! I was trippin BALLS!" - A friend of mine who consumed it.
by danthemanica May 15, 2008
The act of bro love that is not homosexual (no offense to homos intended).
Dude I miss you so much and I can't wait until the quarantine lifts so we can see each other again. Bromo.
by ThatOneQuietDude April 1, 2020
A combination of the words “Bro” and “Homo” , a way to spice up the word bro, making it more gay.
by galaxyshark July 7, 2022