a girl who loves to have fun with the boys, twerk, and listen to miley cyrus. brett brett is someone you want in your life.
by cereal bhaddie January 13, 2019
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A person who is fierce , brave, strong loving , kind , nice , and amazing, he protects the people he cares about and he doesn’t give up, he is a protector and a warrior in the light as well as he helps others. He is a leader and loyal.
When People see Brett he makes them smile and feel comforted and safe.
by Arch12 May 13, 2019
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Brett is just an ordinary guy. He is kind, and has a good sense of humor. He respects mankind and gives people respect that DESERVE it. He will never hustle anyone and finds it hilarious when people try to hustle him. He is very straightforward. If he has a problem with you, you will know it. He has no problem with people being gay or a different race or anything different from what he is cuz he knows everyone is different and thats what makes the world go round. He is sometimes annoyed by how some people are raised tho. He will never "plant seeds" or any psychological crap in someones head for he thinks tricks like this are for kids. He speaks very plainly which sometimes can be bad for he is very straightforward, but you will always know where you stand with him. He is an old school romantic. He dose not like drama or people that are fake. He also despises people that lie a lot. He used to have a very bad temper and would black out sometimes but he has gotten that undercontrol and is feeling very centered these days. He grew up abusing drugs and alcohol but has given up drugs ( and dose not miss them at all) and the people who he used to use with, and drinks every once in a while but could really care if drinking was made illegal or dried up cuz the only time he drinks is because of boredom and to get outta the house for a night every couple months. a Brett is a good friend to have cuz he will always have your back (if you're a true friend)
Hi Im Brett
by Brettie B December 16, 2018
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someone who is not a pathetic stalker. will never hack your computer and write creepy shit on the internet. someone who could go on forever about this disgusting stuff but has better things to do with his life
by Brettie B April 16, 2019
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The hottest guy you will ever meet. Seems like he'd be a douchebag considering he has such good looks and an amazing personality but he's actually very kind and sweet. He has the biggest heart and will care for you anytime you need him. hes very protective of his friends and if you're blessed enough to call yourself his girlfriend he'll be protective over you too. Has many talents but definitely shines in the gym. You can find a Brett in any local gym.
person one: hey who's that hot guy in over there by the weights?
person two: Oh thats Brett, don't try to flirt he'll blow you off he's so respectful to his gf
by Grasstastesbad September 6, 2017
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Brett is a very hot and sexy boy. he has nice soft hair and beautiful eyes. He’s hard to get and has a lot of friends, always wears loose shorts.If you’re friends with him, dont lose him.
Friend: Hey did you see Brett?

You: Yeah, he’s so hawt.
by skittlydingdong December 31, 2020
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One who is amazingly beautiful, and her smile lights up the entire room. She has an astounding sense of humor and has no shame in what she does. SHE IS THE REASON I WAKE UP EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!
by you know who this is ;) (^^^) November 16, 2011
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