(noun): a word that is the result of combining bro and boi; used in situations that are considered extreme. A term that would be denounced in normal society; slang
Ex 1: Hey broi, get the charger for my dying phone.
Ex 2: My brois and I are going out.
Ex 3: How many of my brois are at this crazy rave!
by B Chang August 20, 2017
Combination of "Bro" and "Boi". Boy as in homeboiiiiii
Friend sees friend ---------> "Waddup Broiiiii"
by Subvistaa September 14, 2020
not boi, not bro... a word you use to call the best of the homies. pronunciation- broy
Xav sees one of his close homies and says “WASSUP BROI” while he gives him a hug
by The real xavier May 22, 2020
mixture of bruh and boi used when you aren’t sure to say bruh or boi so just mix it
friend: you are trash at this game
you: broi and you’re better ?🤨
by borgir June 18, 2021
Broys is a word made up from the words Bros and Boys.

Used to gain the attention of several of your close friends in one area.
Tom: "Hey Broys, check out my new car"
by TMBKJR January 21, 2017
What you want broy?!
by yayman July 15, 2009
The combination of the words 'bro' and 'boy'. A greeting to a close friend of yours.
Person 1: Brooooooy!
Person 2: Broy! What's up?!
by truthisrevealed February 24, 2015