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A Broha can be a good friend or a brother. But Broha also is used to refer to your surfer/skimboarding friends who tend to live the surf/skimboarding badass lifestyle. Usually someone who is extreme.
Yo Broha grab your board and lets hit the beach its perfect pipe today.

Dude that kid is straight Broha, he straight up fucked up them non-locals for surfing his beach.
by StevieG..... June 20, 2006
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A cross between "bro" and "mija." Can be used as a term of affection or an exclamatory phrase. Coined by Will and Aidan.
Broha! That was sick!

Sick shot, Broha!
by Alex McCue January 02, 2008
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just another name for brother or bro(i think its cooler to say broha than bro,dont you??)
he is my little broha
by N1993R GUY July 15, 2009
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Used in the snowboarding crowd to describe a certain subculture of snowboarders. These snowboarders usually come across as the dumb jock type but with their own clothing, style, music, and language.

They typically wear a condom looking beanie with a large tip on top, usually a brightly colored item like neon green pants or jacket, and a bandanna across the bottom half of their face where their hat and goggles do not cover.

Their riding style is usually a park board and they are typically heavily into the park. They will usually sit at the top of the park or a feature for over ten minutes. If they are seen on a run they will usually be hopping on their tail, nose, or just spinning around.

Their language is like that of stoner talk but with their own terms like heavy use of gnarly or pow pow (referring to powder snow). Some other common words are sick, rad, dope. They tend to discuss a lot about different tricks or the newest and coolest snowboards and snowboarding gear.

Their music is typically heavy hip-hop with wu-tang typically being one of their favorites.
"Are you going to live in breckenridge next season?"
"No way, there are way too many brohas in that town."
by Bill Neds December 05, 2007
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The most AWESOME nick-name Germanic brothers may use to refer to one another. (Alternative spelling: Brohass)
Prussia: Brohas! Ich liebe dich!
Germany: Ich liebe dich, Gilbert. :)
Prussia: Roderich! Ich liebe dich!
Austria: Go to Hell, Prussia.
via giphy
by AwesomePrussian86 July 10, 2016
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A "Broha" in actuality is an underling of a bro. He's the lower ranking version of skanky white trash, poor and unwilling to work, he can not yet afford his lift kit to his truck. A broha idolizes the bros and does their bidding with out question. Broha's are subjective but once in a while lash out at their master in the form of argumentative heckling. They are then whipped and deported.
Bro 1:"I had to whip my little broha!"

Bro 2:"Why did he argumentativly heckle you?"

Bro 1:"Yes, now he lives in the Phillipines with his mom."

Bro 2:"Sweeet!"
by Little Miss Muffet February 25, 2006
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