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to harrass a stand-up comedian during a performance. a comedian is heckled in order to show the audience's lack of interest or satisfaction with success of the comedian's material. usually heckling is done through the means of yelling, jeering, taunting, but it also includes physical and bodily harm.
Don heckled Eddie the standup comedian because Eddie insulted his religion. In a fit of rage, Don through a bottle of beer at Eddie and said, "we jews aren't all cheap you asshole! you suck! boo! go back to new york you fat fuck!" Then eddie retorted, "shouldn't you be doing some accounting or counting money or something you jewish---" then eddie was interupted by the emcee of the open mic night and asked never to return again.
by dsimmer September 03, 2009
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a group of skateboarders ,not necessarily familliar to one another but sharing comaraderie
a HECKLE of skaters appeared at the spot and were dropping hammers until the cops showed.
by dickupine February 20, 2017
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A way of saying heck, normally said by teachers or people trying to keep their videos monitized
Aw heckles, I just lost!
by a bacon haired bozo October 09, 2018
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