Two computer programmers hanging out and programming together.
by yeahwhoduh December 5, 2014
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What good friends in Tron are to each other.
- tron is my brogram
by scornflake November 30, 2012
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A tv show or special that appeals to men; one in which guys prefer the viewing company of other men. A show that guys hate to watch with women for various reasons (ie: the rules are too difficult to expain, the jokes are unappreciated, etc).

Note: some women are awesome and can enjoy a brogram with the guys quite well!
Girlfriend: Tell me again why you're watching the football game at John's house instead of here with me!

Boyfriend: We've been through this! It's our Brogram! I'll come back and we'll watch something you'd actually enjoy!
by Lillyblume February 18, 2012
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1. The bro conditioning one must undergo in order to become a bro.
2. Bro-themed TV.
1. "Yeah, he went through brogramming in the 9th grade. He joined the football team, got a subscription to Hustler, and started watching WWF".
2. "Hey bro, you see the new episodes of "Dog the Bounty Hunter"? "No man, I'm not really into watching that kind of brogramming."
by kwakky December 3, 2008
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A group of guys that all play soccer together and act gay yet are all fagots. these people usually treat women with disrespect and are famous for women jokes.
the Brogram talks about how women should be in the kitchen and such. also are obsessed with soccer.
by the brograms bitch! :) November 13, 2010
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When a Bro disappears because he is hanging out with a girlfriend, family member or blames missing hanging out with other bros on work.

If they are missing precious Broments they are officially in the Witness Brotection Brogram.
Bro 1: I haven't seen Nick in a week, and he hasn't texted me back.
Bro 2: Ever since he started dating Jen, he has been in the Witness Brotection Brogram and has been so lame.
Bro 1: I'm heart BRO-ken.
by Tar 2750 January 18, 2010
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