A man who thinks he's a "nice guy" and says he will "treat you like an actual humanbeing unlike other males". But if you reject him he says "you're missing out" or "weren't that pretty to begin with"
This broflake got mad at me when I told him women don't like it when men pitty themselves when they can't get a girl even though they are a "nice guy".
by ICannotDeal July 2, 2017
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A commonly seen stereotype of the quintessentially conservative, heterosexual, white male, who despite all his privileges and advantages in life, is easily sensitive to any criticism or mockery. Unable to see outside of his own perspective, and takes everything personally, even when it's not about him specifically. Fragile like a snowflake, but with the mentality of a "bro." Usually denies or ignores reality and the very real struggles of other genders, races, sexual identities, etc. Represents those afflicted with the "fragile male ego" and is the opposite of "woke."
"Mike was deemed a broflake by the public when he went to a Black Lives Matter protest and shouted, 'All lives matter!'"

"Jared was dumped by his high school girlfriend for being a broflake after he commented 'Not all men!' during her presentation on sexual assault victims"

"Don became extremely butthurt after being called a broflake, and channeled his frustration into offensive, false internet comments about Hillary Clinton"

"When asked to confront the reality of the world's problems, Paul, a broflake, had a list of irrelevant excuses prepared, such as 'we all have problems,' 'make your own luck,' 'if you work hard enough...,' and 'at least it's not like...'"
by darthmader July 13, 2017
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A Bro who makes it a habit to propose or commit to attending a social endeavor, but consistently makes various excuses and fails to attend at the last minute.
Guy1: Hey man is Scotty comin?
Guy2: Na bro, he said he was but I doubt if he'll show... He's a serious broflake.
by misterperfect February 20, 2010
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Broflake is a Donald Trump apologist. They will defend his actions no matter how inane,racist,homophobic etc..
They are usually a right wing Republican who feels empowered by this POTUS.

A Broflake is the opposite of the overused Snowflake label for anyone who doesn't agree with him.
"Man this place is infested with Broflakes.....criticize Trump and they will be defend him as if he was a poor innocent soul."
"A Broflake cannot believe he is wrong even when you show them proof. "
Did you hear Hannity/Fox news doing their Broflake best last night? It was so pathetic.
by Bonzo53 August 14, 2019
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A man, usually one that is white and able-bodied that is very unaware of his privilege. He usually assumes that he deserves much more than what is handed to him in life - usually in terms of women.

When a girl is just a friend, his every conversation with her is sexual and/or romantic even when she notes that it makes her uncomfortable. When she tries to talk to him about said situation, he refuses to reply or resorts to “I am just giving back what I’m picking up” or “Oh I don’t like you I just want to be good friends and be there for you!”

When said female friend needs advice or a nice conversation, he is flaky and nowhere to be seen - only truly involving himself into speaking with her when he knows he can construe the conversation into something sexual.
Marcy: “Hey are you friends with Charlie again?”
Sammy: “Maybe? Idk he’s being such a broflake

Sammy: “Ugh today sucked”
Charlie: “Heh I know what you can suck on”
Sammy: “seriously? I just wanted to vent about my day”
Sammy: “Soo no reply? Such a broflake”
by RagingSocialDisaster August 1, 2019
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Straight white male offended by any feminist or ethnic activity which is not directly designed for him.
Kyle: "How come there's no Straight Pride parade"?

Me: OMG you're such a delicate little broflake.
by 23Quarters March 22, 2017
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All the people who down voted the accurate definitions of broflake as it pertains to fragile misogynist men who are happy to punch down at women but complain about women saying things such as "men are trash" for instance.

Akin to when white people display their fragility with respect to race, but in this case its regarding gender.
Guy: Instead of addressing male privilege when she said all men are trash, I took it very personally for some reason. Then she called me a broflake.

Friend of guy: What a b*tch.
by AntifaCuckeesian May 21, 2020
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