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A Bro who makes it a habit to propose or commit to attending a social endeavor, but consistently makes various excuses and fails to attend at the last minute.
Guy1: Hey man is Scotty comin?
Guy2: Na bro, he said he was but I doubt if he'll show... He's a serious broflake.
by misterperfect February 19, 2010

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A person (mostly female) scouring a party looking for the most likely guy to bang with the least resistance possible. These are often slutty small-town females who are only moderately attractive, but are used to being the life of the party because every other chick where they come from is ugly and fat. They often are infested with a wide array of STD's and other ailments, emotionally and otherwise...
Brian: Hey Dave what happened with you and Shawna last night? Did you hit?
Dave: Na bro, she was a dicktective, I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole, i.e. my dick...
by Misterperfect February 19, 2010

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Term for a hefty pending bowel movement, usually used among groups of guy friends who aren't bro's, and where "I have to take a shit" has become boring and overused.
Dude, I have to seriously drop the biggest d-nugg right now...
by Misterperfect February 19, 2010

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