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A man, usually one that is white and able-bodied that is very unaware of his privilege. He usually assumes that he deserves much more than what is handed to him in life - usually in terms of women.

When a girl is just a friend, his every conversation with her is sexual and/or romantic even when she notes that it makes her uncomfortable. When she tries to talk to him about said situation, he refuses to reply or resorts to “I am just giving back what I’m picking up” or “Oh I don’t like you I just want to be good friends and be there for you!”

When said female friend needs advice or a nice conversation, he is flaky and nowhere to be seen - only truly involving himself into speaking with her when he knows he can construe the conversation into something sexual.
Marcy: “Hey are you friends with Charlie again?”
Sammy: “Maybe? Idk he’s being such a broflake”

Sammy: “Ugh today sucked”
Charlie: “Heh I know what you can suck on”
Sammy: “seriously? I just wanted to vent about my day”
Sammy: “Soo no reply? Such a broflake”
by RagingSocialDisaster August 01, 2019

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